Dairy Foods Consulting


Peter is available for hourly phone consultations, and provides the following services to dairy foods processors of cow, goat and sheep milk:

  • Business planning
    • Operations
    • Infrastructure
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Capital Equipment and Production Costs
  • Facility Design: Milk Processing Plants, On-Farm Cheesemaking Facilities & Expansions
    • Layout and Materials,
    • Heating, Cooling and Air Handling Systems
    • Processing Equipment
    • Sanitation Systems
    • Cheese Aging Rooms
    • Finished Product Storage Coolers
  • Research and development
    • Dairy products ranging from traditional and specialty cheese varieties, to fresh cultured products, butter and ice cream.
  • Technical assistance
    • Dairy foods manufacturing and quality control, for maintaining high product quality standards.

Peter holds cheesemaking workshops at Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking in Westminster, Vermont. Click here for the current lineup, including dates and descriptions.


Consultation Query

Peter is available for phone and email consultations.   His work at Parish Hill Creamery keeps him on the farm from May through October. 

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