A Guide for Farmstead and Small-Scale Artisan Cheesemakers Who Make Cheese by Hand in Small Batches from Raw and Pasteurized Milk

This handbook provides a framework for cheesemakers to construct food safety programs using the principles of the FDA/National Committee of Interstate Milk Shippers Dairy Products HACCP program. This step-by step guide can be used to develop a HACCP-based program and includes detailed information on

  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Prerequisite Programs and
  • HACCP plans

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Published from 1999 through 2009, the Farmstead Cheesemaker's Journal is available as a compilation and contains the following issues:

  • Spring 1999: Starter culture, Adding rennet, Acidity tests, and Resources
  • Winter 2000: Seasonal Dairying and Cheese making, Brining, Natural starter cultures, and Resources
  • Fall 2002: Starter culture comprehensive: properties and usage, Traditional and old world cheese making, Cutting the curds, Designing a cheese cellar, Smoking cheese, and Resources
  • Summer 2005: Pressing cheese, Brie and Camembert Recipes, Affinage of Bloomy-rind cheeses, and Resources
  • Spring 2006: Cheese Ripening Facility Considerations
  • Summer 2006: Cheese class notes, Travels, Lactic soft-ripened cheeses, Milk and cheese testing, and resources.
  • Summer 2007: Art of Cheesemaking, Travels, Washed-rind Affinage, Tomme, and Resources
  • Fall 2008: Travels, Food Safety, Transhumance and Cheesemaking in the French Pyrenees, Affinage: Environmental Requirements, Cheddar and Resources.
  • Fall-Winter 2009: News, Travels, The Circle, Wood, Washed curd cheese, Goat Song book review, and Resources.

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Milk & Cheese Tests

A downloadable document that outlines several useful tests for cheesemakers looking to determine milk and cheese quality. These tests will help in diagnosing potential problems with raw milk supplies and cheese quality during the aging process.

  • Lactofermentation (early gas) Test
  • Clostridia Tyrobutyricum (late gas) Test
  • Coliform Count
  • Lab Pasteurized Count (LPC)

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